As a shop you want to give your customers enough reasons to book an appointment. More and more often people are looking for their favourite artist and book an appointment at the shop where he or she works. It doesn't matter if this artist works in a private studio or a large shop in the middle of the shopping centre. In addition to hospitality, open communication and a great atmosphere, you can distinguish yourself as a shop by keeping waiting times as short as possible.

At Tattoo-X we would like to support you by looking for a suitable reinforcement for your team. This can be a guest or a regular artist. In this way you can continue your daily work and keep yourself busy with the management of your tattoo shop. 

We provide a suitable match with a top quality tattoo artist. In this way, the waiting lists are shortened and new people are attracted to your shop. 

In addition to shortening these waiting lists, it can also give your shop an enormous boost in terms of marketing and image. The true works of art created by these artists will attract even more people and give your shop more brand awareness!

Please contact us to get to know our available artists or to receive more information about our procedures.